Winning Teams

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Overall Contest
2nd pearl
2nd [ ]
3rd pearl
4th tjcsc
Top 100 Teams
Team Name School
SST CTF School of Science and Technology
pearl Montgomery Blair High School
meephackerz None
0x5F3759DF Polytechnic School
Microsoft Tech Support Richardson High School
Panclúst Montville Township High School
perfect blue Multiple
Quadnary SPASH
Richie M. Stalls Spring-Ford Senior High
unlimited_reagents Bergen County Academies
AltF4toWin Lovejoy High School
Cybernetics Core Academy for Science and Design
noxale noxale
Shadyside Montgomery Blair High School
Recycle Plants SHS + WWPHSN
tjcsc TJHSST
Society of Entropy Westminster School
toastcookie Bellarmine College Preparatory
Ponies Interlake High School
Clements Clements High School
Squad Goals BB&N
doop Niles West High School
%20 > tabs Menlo School
U+202e Poolesville High School
Veni None
Blue Wave Noblesville High School
Exodus Spring-Ford High School
TurKimPan Phillips Academy Andover
Chaldeas South Brunswick High School
Cue Us Menlo School
The Concatenators Cedar Park High School
Omega Northwood High School
0X2.9C__8P+0_9D Cranbrook High School
Trey's Receding Hairline Menlo School
Goyims Lovejoy High School
One hundo percent not FBI Takoma Park Middle School
dictat0rs.php Wellesley High School
PentaHex Various
Keyoungdant Bergen County Academies
CTFlearn Bergen County Academies
dudajeg None
Y Y Combinator Combinator Ambassador High School
pippinpaddleoppsokopolis Temple City High School
Fire Brigade Liberal Arts and Science Academy
/dev/null South Brunswick High school
Cranbrook Kingswood B Cranbrook Kingswood
Blue Lausanne
L Distribution None
Luddites Kehillah Jewish Highschool
[ ] Livingston High School
toasterwar None
HoraceMann Horace Mann School
Retest to an 85 Lovejoy High School
AOL Coding Skuad Takoma Park Middle School
MY NAME JEFF Chinese International School
WHRHS CS 1 Watchung Hills Regional High School
AtreyaSux Menlo School
Blue Power Vandegrift Highschool
Purple Power Vandegrift High School
GeniusDumbos Herbert Hoover Middle School
b2c Montgomery Blair High School
Trey'sDrugAddiction Menlo School
Falcon10 Pottsgrove High School
IT’S NINJANIC!!! Columbus Academy
RMHS Programming Club Reading Memorial High School
404NFnd Northfield Mount Hermon School
Smash Mouth Official STEM School Highlands Ranch
Forest Park Bruins Forest Park High School
MaldenHighSchool Malden High School
L.L.I.E.S Verdugo Hills High School
The 8 Cypress Bay High School
ZomboCom Andover High School
wearetheidiots None
CVU Champlain Valley Union High School
Lemon Winchester High School
Class Vanishes Downingtown East high school
Dons Cosecant Loyola Blakefield
alias less='more' MBHS
Westwood Robotics Westwood High School
eEEeeeeEeEEeEEE Oakwood School
Red Power Vandegrift High School
Homestead1 Homestead High School
Hose Ain't (Allan) Wirth It Menlo School
Mr. Carpenter The Gregory School
Stomping_On_Your_Code Stranahan
Codeby 25
Almond robotics Herbert Hoover’s middle school
Tide Codes Andover High School
🅱yte Me Granada Hills Charter Highschool
Power Rangers Friendswood High School
BAM Lovejoy High School
CAAAN you not? Bergen County Academies
Algonquin Algonquin Regional High School
lo Plano West Senior High School
adergaderga None
ESnowden Academy for science and design
Gold Squadron OPS #1873
Official Progs South Technical High School